London: Museums and Sights along The Thames

In our first afternoon in London, we went to Trafalgar Square to see take a quick look inside National Gallery before heading over British Museum.There was an entire Greek style temple excavated from Turkey! We sat at a bench nearby to admire the statues and architecture.

IMG_0054National Gallery at Trafalgar Square, London

IMG_0055Library inside British Museum

IMG_0057An Egpytian Statue at British Museum

IMG_0060    Greek Style Turkish Temple excavation

Later, we returned to the Egyptian collection, which was my favorite from a previous trip. Unfortunately, British Museum on Sunday was a lot more crowded than last time I was there (a weekday in November). At that point we were both feeling very jetlagged so we headed back to our hotel.

After our nap, we rent a bike along the Thames, passed by Big Ben, to London Eye area and came across a collection of delicious food stands just by the Thames. We bought kebabs, and later had dinner in a Mediterranean restaurant nearby.


View of Big Ben from south bank


Big Ben, London


A Park in Victoria Embankment


London Eye and Big Ben

It was a very beautiful evening in London!
This is one of the posts for our two-day stay in Europe, for other posts, please see:


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