Half-day trip from London: Greenwich

On our second morning in London we visited Greenwich. Once we got off the metro, we followed the signs and hiked up to Greenwich Observatory, where we got the bird’s eye view of the Greenwich town.


Greenwich Observatory


View of Greenwich town from Greenwich Observatory

We visited the Meridian courtyard, where visitors can stride across the median line that separates western and eastern hemisphere. We also went to Flamsteed House to see Astronomer Royal’s apartments and their labs. There was the Great Equatorial Telescope, among other instruments that astronomers used for their research.


Meridian Line – The center of universe


Royal Astronomer Apartment


Great Equatorial Telescope

On our way down to Greenwich town, we got a better view of Royal Naval College. We also took a quick look inside Maritime Museum


Royal Naval College


 Ship inside Giant Glass bottle, Maritime Museum, Greenwich


For lunch, we got duck comfit salad and fish and chips from Greenwich Union, a pub located a few blocks from the main street. We chose this lunch place based on positive reviews from yelp. While the duck breast was a little bit overcooked, overall the salad was very flavorful. The fish and chips taste fresh and very delicious.


A pub in Greenwich Town


Our lunch at Greenwich Union

After lunch, it was time to head back to city center for Towers of London. Greenwich was a relaxing getaway!
This is one of the posts for our two-day stay in Europe, for other posts, please see:


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