The best time to visit Keukenhof is usually last two weeks of April, when acres of tulip fields bloom. This year, Holland had an exceptionally mild winter (in fact it was the warmest recorded weather ever). So unfortunately for us, by the time we arrived at Keukenhof on May 8th , all the tulip fields had already been harvested.


Getting there: We arrived from London via Dutchflyer, and disembarked at Hook Van Holland. From there, we trained to Leiden. In Leiden, we bought combi tickets and bus to Keukenhof. It may be a better idea to bus from Haarlem so you can check out the town on the way back.

While the flower fields are gone and some of the tulips are removed. The Garden was still lovely to walk around in.




IMG_0183   There were also Greenhouses that house orchid and other plants.



The patting zoo was a lot of fun too. We saw little goats learning how to fight.


There was also a guy peacock opening its feather trying to get the attention of a girl peacock.


Sadly, the girl peacock pays no attention to him.

There was also a windmill, which we went up to. From there, we could have gotten a bird’s eye view of tulip fields if we had arrived a couple weeks earlier.There was also a pair giant clogs for photo ops!


On our way back to Amsterdam, we got a late lunch at a restaurant in Leiden, where we tried Dutch’s specialty pancakes.
The town feels like a mini-Amsterdam and was a nice contrast to the city.


Even though the tulips weren’t in their peak bloom, Keukenhof was still worth a visit.

This is one of my posts for our two-day stay in Holland. For other posts, please see:


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