Waterland : Countryside of Holland

Waterland is a series of quintessential small towns located north of Amsterdam. On the day we visited, the towns were quiet and provided a relaxing getaway from the bustling city.

With a 10 Euro Waterland bus ticket, we could hop on and off within the region. We decided to go all the way to Edam first, then trace our step back to Volendam, and from there, bus to Marken.

We took the bus in the back of Amsterdam Centraal station. Within minutes, we passed by characteristic villege of Broek, the cloest Waterland town. Another 30 mins and a short walk later, we were in Edam town center.


Town Center of Edam, Holland

In Edam, we came across an open air market, where we tried fried fish and the herring, a dutch specialty. The fried fish tastes really fresh and crunchy, and only costs a few Euros. However, we found the herring sandwich too fishy and oily for our taste.


A food truck in Edam, Holland


Herring topped with pickle and onion to reduce fishiness


A canal in Edam, Holland


Trees and houses along a canal in Edam, Holland

After taking a stroll along the canal, we took a bus to Volendam, then to Marken.

There was a clog factory located right at the entrance of Marken. It was very touristy but fun to window-shop in.


Clog factory at the entrance of Marken, Holland


So many clogs!


Clog machines

Apart from the clog factory, there was no memorable landmark in town. However, the dark green houses makes us feel like we were in a story book. We also took at stroll at the pier before heading back to Amsterdam. The view was gorgeous!


View from pier in Marken, Holland


Dark green houses in Marken, Holland

Overall there weren’t really any “must-sees” in Waterland towns. The villages are attractions in themselves and it was very nice to stroll around. If you have time after visiting the main sights in Amsterdam, Waterland was definitely a worthwhile getaway.

This is one of my posts for our two-day stay in Holland. For other posts, please see:



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