Glamour and History: Versailles

Chateau de Versailles

Chateau de Versailles

Versailles started out as the hunting lodge for Louis XIII and was later home to a succession of French monarchy. Once a secluded palace to the most powerful and privileged, its gate is now open to millions of tourists each year. From our apartment, we took RER train to Versailles and bought a four-day museum pass at the tourist office. We thought we could skip the line with our pass, but to our disappointment, there was no priority access for pass holders. The line was the worst at 10:30am. We waited for almost an hour before we could get in.


Long line outside the main palace

Once we are inside the main palace, we marveled at the opulence of the palace. Before long we were in the famous hall of mirrors. Everything from ceiling to floor is painted, sculpted, and embroidered with extricate details. Then we followed the crowd to the King’s apartments, and the Queen’s apartments. It was overwhelming to take in all the artistic details, so I let the camera do the job. We could not linger in any of the rooms, as throngs of tourists behind pushed us forward, just like we did to the ones before us.


Sculptures in the hallway


Grand ceilings in every room


Hall of Mirrors


Extravagant Bedroom
















After our lunch break at the palace cafeteria, we initially planned to take the mini train to Trianon Palaces, but the line was too long so we walked instead. We stopped a few times to rest, admiring acres of meticulously manicured backyard.


Expansive Garden at Versailles

We arrived Trianon Palaces to see a line outside, luckily much shorter than the one outside main palace. However, after a morning at the main palace, we were a little weary of luxurious ceiling and bedding, so we left soon after.


Courtyard at Trianon Palaces


A room in Trianon Palaces

On the way to the train station we passed by a street filled with cute shops. We stopped at a bakery to get palmier and quiche. These delicious goodies completed our day trip to Versailles.

-The End-

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