Idyllic Mykonos: Worlds Away

We left our extravagant room in Park Hyatt Milano and flew into the peaceful island of Mykonos.


Hello Mykonos!

Pick up organized by our guesthouse Villa Margarita was super smooth. Niko, Margarita’s son, held up a clear sign right outside the luggage area at the parking lot. We saw him right away and he led us to his white SUV.


Exterior of Villa Margarita


View from Villa Margarita

Once at the guest house, Niko helped us to plan our short stay (1 day!) He suggested us to go to Paradise beach first, then watch the sunset at Little Venice. He also provided a map and a list of restaurant suggestions.

We got some snacks and drinks at a nearby minimarket and took a bus to Paradise beach. By then the party has already started. Music was loud Paradise beach was not of great interest to us, but I really liked the path leading to a rocky area. There was also a cute restaurant overlooking the beach.


Paradise Beach


Cute restaurant overlooking Paradise Beach

IMG_1157 IMG_1162 IMG_1165

Since we weren’t into beach parties, we took the next bus out to the old town. I just can’t get over the whitewashed houses. It was a bit touristy, but it was also beautiful.


Whitewashed houses in Mykonos Old Town

A short walk through the maze of houses later, we were on little Venice. There were tourists gathering around the windmills, taking pictures.


Windmills near Little Venice

IMG_1180 IMG_1181 IMG_1185

We enjoyed some quiet time on a little beach just down from the windmills, then tried to look for a place for dinner. The restaurant prices with Little Venice view was steep! So instead, we decided to wait for the sun to set before getting dinner at in the old town.


Sunset at Little Venice

IMG_1186 IMG_1200


Seafood Platter for Dinner

After dinner, we got pastry and yogurt for tomorrow’s breakfast before heading back to our guesthouse. Earlier Niko has showed us how to go back to guesthouse, but we couldn’t find our way in the dark. Google map kept leading us to dark and suspicious alleys. Finally we relented and took a bus back.

Back at Villa Margarita, we enjoyed the simplicity of our room. We went from staying at 600Euro room in Milan to 40Euro room at Villa Margarita with no problem at all. The room was decorated in blue and white Aegean Sea colors. There was also a kitchenette with utensils. If I have to be picky, the only (tiny) issue we had was the shower. The shower was small and curtain kept sticking to our skin. However the water pressure and temperature were great.


Our room at Villa Margarita


Simple decor in our room

The next morning, as we had our overly-sweet pastry we bought the night before, we regretted our decision of not ordering breakfast from the guesthouse. We salivated as Niko delivered trays of delicious bakery goodies, juice and yogurt to other guests. Well, it’s too late now.


Exterior of our room in the morning

After breakfast, we packed and left our luggage to Niko, who promised to take our luggage to the port. Then we headed to a quiet beach just down below the guesthouse.  We spent some more time in the old town and found a cheap Gyro place for lunch.


Cheap Gyro in Mykonos old town


A church in Mykonos Old Town


View of Mykonos Town from Windmill


More Windmills


View of Pier at Mykonos town

IMG_1218 IMG_1219 IMG_1226 IMG_1227 IMG_1230

After meeting up with Niko for our luggage, it was time to dock our ferry to Santorini!


Bye for now, Mykonos

-The End-


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