Switzerland Part III: Ballenberg and Lucerne

On our last day in Switzerland, we went to Ballenberg Museum (entrance fee included train pass). In each house, there were exhibitions showcasing Swiss ways of life.


Ballenberg Museum

We went to a Bakery, and a cheesemaker’s house.


Bakery at Ballenberg


Giant Pot of Cheese at one of the exhibition houses in Ballenberg Museum

There was also a mini-zoo. The goats instinctively rushed towards us as we approach. They must be disappointed to find out we did not come with food.

IMG_1564 IMG_1562

IMG_1571 IMG_1574

After two hours of exploring in Ballenberg, it was time to head to Lucern! The train ride from Ballenberg to Lucerne was very scenic.

IMG_1582 IMG_1585

Since it was getting late, we hopped on the Lucerne Lake Cruise as soon as we arrived. It was a scenic ride, but the scenery felt the same after a while. Due to our limited time, we board the returning cruise at Weggis and didn’t take the cable car up to Mount Rigi.


Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


Yacht at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland


View of Lake Lucerne from cruise boat


Weggis, Switzerland

Afterwards, we head back to Lucerne to see the bridges and try to look for a nice place for dinner.

IMG_1609 IMG_1612 IMG_1616

Having spent the last few days eating supermarket sandwiches and ramen, it is time to get some decent Swiss food.  We went into different alleys in Lucerne but nothing seemed special. Eventually, my boyfriend found Soul Chicken on Yelp.


It was a very cute restaurant with over-the-top decorations. We were seated at a large table with other customers. Later on, the waitress asked us to scooch to accommodate a family of three. It was an interesting experience for us as we have never shared table with other patrons in a non-Chinese restaurants. We got half chicken plus six wings, fries, bread with warmed cheese dip. All these, plus non-alcoholic beverages, for roughly the same price as the measly cheese fondue dinner we had on our first night. The warm cheese dip tasted so much better than the alcoholic cheese fondue. We were very happy to have one delicious dinner at our final night in Switzerland.

IMG_1620 IMG_1621

After dinner, we headed back to the train station, where we board the train to Zurich Airport hotel. It has been a grand three weeks in Europe!

This is one of my posts for our three-day stay in Switzerland. For other posts, please see:


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