Wish I had known: Four things I should have done on Phi Phi Island


View of Island from Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint:

Ko Phi Phi Island is a popular tourist spot for a reason: Every time you turn your head you can see views of dramatic limestone rising out of the ocean. It is touristy, but also beautiful and should be on any Thai itinerary. While we left the island with memories of tasty Thai food and spectacular view, we also got bad cuts and became mosquito feast. Here are four things we should have done to make the trip more enjoyable:

  1. Stay at a cheap family-owned guest house with AC in the center of town, instead of a tree house at Viking Nature Resort.
  2. IMG_1700

    The bed where we became mosquito feast


    There must be holes on this mostuito net.


    Exotic Bamboo Hut


    Waking up to this beautiful jungle view….with more mosquito bites

The decor is exotic, as shown in the picture, and I got the feeling of waking up in the middle of jungle every morning…with more mosquito bites. The place has no AC and was very rustic.  Plus, it’s a long walk through the poorly-lit trail from the center of town every night after dinner. Perhaps I am just not as adventurous as I thought.

  1. This may be an obvious one. For the hike up to Ko Phi Phi Viewpoint, I wish I had worn tougher shoes instead of sandals. The viewpoint is stunning and I dare say it is the best sight of the island. When we were going up, one side of my sandal tear and we had to tie it back together with grass. It was quite an experience.IMG_1738 IMG_1708
  2. Do a speedy boat tour to Maya Bay instead of longtail boat tour. Longtail boat are good for short rides, but for longer trips like those to Maya Bay, we should have stuck with the safer-looking speedy boats. It was windy the day we went on the tour. My boyfriend got pretty bad motion sickness and we were told to wear life jackets, for fear of getting thrown into the ocean in high waves. No kidding.

    Longtail boat that threw us up and down on ocean waves

    Longtail boat that threw us up and down on ocean waves

  3. Apply lots and lots of insect repellents. Did I mention that there were mosquitos? They were everywhere and they loved us.

I know I had made Phi Phi Island sounds like a place to avoid…but it wasn’t, and despite all of the above misadventures, we had a pretty good time. The view from Ko Phi Phi View point was spectacular, and I love the food in the center of town. I just wish I had gone better prepared to get more out of the experience.  For now, let’s just leave it with once again the beautiful views of Ko Phi Phi:

IMG_1781 IMG_1776 IMG_1689


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