Malacca, Malaysia : Going Back in Time

We arrived late in Kuala Lumpur the night before we went to Malacca, so we opted to stay at an airport hotel. At the airport there were ticket booths selling bus ticket to Malacca, which made it convenient for us to hop on a comfy AC bus the next morning. The bus seats could recline 120 degrees and had massage functions (although the massages felt more like small vibrations which I didn’t enjoy). Later, of course we found out that we got on a premium bus and could have saved ourselves a few US dollars had we taken a regular bus instead.

Two hours later, we arrived at Malacca’s main bus station. We took a cheap taxi directly to Wayfarer Guest House where we would spend the night. It was a very hot afternoon and we didn’t sleep well the night before so we decided to get some rest before exploring the town. Malacca is day trip distance from Kuala Lumpur, but I highly recommend staying at least a night at a traditional guesthouse in the old town.

View of Wayfarer Guesthouse from across the river

View of Wayfarer Guesthouse from across the river

I can’t say enough good things about the guesthouse we stayed at; Wayfarer Guesthouse is an attraction itself, and having a place to rest up during the hottest time of day made the entire trip much more enjoyable. We booked directly via the guest house’s website and were able to get a room with river view for $50 per night. If budget is tight you could save about $10 by getting a cheaper room without river view.


Comfy bed with high ceiling and lots of space.


Every bit of architectural detail makes the guesthouse feels like a historical attraction by itself.


View from our balcony, Church of St. Francis Xavier


View of river from our balcony

Later in the afternoon when the heat cools down a little we venture into town. We first stopped at a food stall which is famous for its satay. I love street food as their small portions allows me to try a variety of great treats.


Chicken Satay from Melacca, Malaysia

Then we spend the rest of our day meandering along the river and narrow alleys. On weekend nights Jonker Street bustles alive with street food stalls. We went on a weekday night and instead enjoyed the perfectly aged traditional architecture in silence. The soft glow of the lantern makes the entire setting all the more intimate. I felt like I was transported back to a peaceful Chinese village a few centuries ago.

IMG_1947 IMG_1949 IMG_1958IMG_1998 IMG_2003 IMG_2007IMG_1981 IMG_1988 IMG_1990

The next morning, we took our time to explore corners we haven’t hit the previous day, soaking in the atmosphere, before we hop on a bus back to Kuala Lumpur city center.

IMG_2032 IMG_2041 IMG_2058 IMG_1975

After our cab drop us off bus station, my boyfriend realized that he left his suitcase at the guesthouse. We called the guesthouse and thankfully, the owners told us that the cab driver was about to take another guest to the station, so he could bring along our luggage. When the taxi driver came to meet us he first decline our tip but my boyfriend insisted. After all, he saved us a roundtrip back to the guesthouse!

We have great memories from our trip to Malacca and I am now planning to visit more charming historical towns. The next on my list would be Hoi An, Vietnam in December. I am looking forward to see if it can top Malacca in terms of food, architecture, and friendliness!


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