Citylights in Tokyo

Before our trip, a few friends had told me that Tokyo is a typical Asian city very much like Hong Kong, and as a result I didn’t have high expectation and had planned only 24 hours for this city. I ended up falling in love with the city and wishing that we spend an extra day there. Our one and only night in Tokyo went like this: Akihabara->Sensoji->Tokyo Tower->Midtown->Shijuku

Here are my Tokyo memories:

  1. The city light of Tokyo is spectacular. Large anime neon signs and posters everywhere, abundant yet always well-organized. It was also super-fun to people watch; we passed by a couple renowned maid cafes and spied girls dressed up in maid costumes to get customers. Below are the shots I got from Akihabara:

We also took the elevator up Tokyo tower (900 yen) to see the paranomic view of Tokyo. We could even spot Rainbow Bridge. There was a saxophone band playing on the tower which was very atmospheric.


IMG_4261In midtown, there was a giant Christmas light display featuring a globe with lights cascading down the trees on both sides. With the background music it was hands down the best Christmas light I have ever seen. I didn’t take any picture because I didn’t think my camera would do it justice. Here is a picture from Huffington Post:2013-12-03-Starlightsea


  1. We went to Sensoji and seeing the temple in nightlight is very atmospheric, a huge contrast to the Kyoto temples all of which we saw in board daylight.IMG_4236IMG_4239IMG_4242
  1. In Shijuku we passed by the famous robot restaurant. We are not fans of loud shows so watching parts of it from Youtube was good enough for us. If you are interested, theselfyears suggested that you can book the tickets from hotel and get buy-one-get-one-free coupon most of the time. We also had squid-ball as late night snacks which were flavorful but a little soggy.

Overall, I was utterly amazed by Tokyo’s vibrant nightlife. Here comes my travel regret: we didn’t get to go to the giant robot statue near rainbow bridge, and we didn’t pay a visit to Totoro museum. Luckily, Tokyo is a major hub in Asia and I look forward to return to this eclectic city someday.

This is one of the posts from our two-week trip to Japan and Vietnam. Below is our itinerary. For other posts, please click on the links below:

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