Last Day in Tokyo: Meiji Shrine and Tsujiki Fish Market

In Tokyo we stayed at Hyatt Regency Tokyo in the heart of Shijuku. I redeemed my free night certificate which I paid $75 Hyatt credit card annual fee for but you can also redeem it at 12000 points a night. Either way, it is a steal since the most basic room routinely goes for upward of $200 per night. Because of Mug Mug’s Diamond status, we got upgraded to Deluxe suite. Our room was very spacious by Japanese standards, with large windows overlooking skyscrapers and a garden with waning fall colors.

What I am most happy with our stay, however, is the breakfast room. The club room breakfast features standard hot items and pastries, which was adequate although not very memorable. The view, however, is another story. As soon as I entered the room I noticed that a guy was taking a picture of the view. I didn’t understand why until I sat down and looked more closely.


See that now?


Turns out we had Mt. Fuji as breakfast view.

Rising behind all the skyscrapers is the shy mountain we weren’t able to see in Hakone the day before. It was the perfect ending to our Mt. Fuji search.

After breakfast, we went to Meiji Shrine. Meiji shrine is located in the center of a very big garden and I like the wooden structure of the shrine.


Next up was Tsujiki fish market. This is the market with famous tuna auction at the crack of the dawn each day. Tourists are welcome to observe, but we are not interested in waking up early while on vacations. So, instead, we arrived in the late morning, walked around in the market looking at all kinds of sea life that would soon become someone else’s lunch.

We ended up at a small eateries tucked away at a quiet corner of the market. We ordered sashimi over rice and a sushi set. The fish eggs were the most delicious ones I have had. It has a hint of sweetness packed in these bright orange savory tiny balls. At 1,500 yen (~$12 USD) a set it couldn’t have been more economical. Plus, hot tea was complimentary.


This concludes our 24 hours in Tokyo. I wish we had more time there, and since Tokyo is a major hub in Asia, I am sure I will be back soon.

This is one of the posts from our two-week trip to Japan and Vietnam. Below is our itinerary. For other posts, please click on the links below:

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