Hoi An: Picturesque Ancient Town

In the late afternoon and evening, Hoi An’s ancient town is pedestrian and bike only. It was nice to finally be able get away from all the crazy traffics.  We borrowed bikes (for free) from our hotel and had a relaxing ride around the town. The town is also very walkable if biking is not your thing.

IMG_4493 (800x450)IMG_4497 (800x450)IMG_4503 (800x450)

It is truly a small town where you keep running into the same people. Interestingly we ran into three couples from our previous day tours.

IMG_4509 (800x450)IMG_4514 (800x450)

With perfectly aged yellow houses, quintessential assembly hall, and delicious street food, the entire town is an attraction. We also purchased a packet of tickets to see the sights.

IMG_4591 (800x450)IMG_4592 (800x450)IMG_4593 (800x450)IMG_4594 (800x450)

After a while though the sights all become similar. But that’s fine, you can just take a long stroll and soak in the view.

IMG_4524 (800x450)

IMG_4520 (800x450)

It gets even better at night, with the lanterns all light up.

IMG_4539 (800x450)IMG_4547 (800x450)IMG_4555 (800x450)

Of course, there are a ton of tourists (I was one of them) taking pictures of the lantern stores but the owners didn’t seem to be remotely bothered at all.

IMG_4541 (800x450)IMG_4557 (800x450)IMG_4559 (800x450)IMG_4562 (800x450)

If you are in a romantic mood, you can buy a paper lantern from a child by the riverbank, and set it free on the river.

IMG_4556 (800x450)

Our 24 hour stay in Hoi An was way too short; I wish we had one more night to stroll around this beautiful ancient town.

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