Seville: Heart of Traditional Spain

After our bad experience with our Sahara desert tour, I was happy to leave chaotic Marrakesh for the much calmer Seville. Our flight arrived in Seville early evening. We took one look at the long line at the bus station and hop on a 25 Euro Taxi. Before we knew it we were outside our Wimdu studio, knocking on the door of our host.

Our Wimdu host gave us a warm welcome and with her limited English and Mugmug’s limited Spanish she provided suggestions for us on restaurants and sights. When it was 8pm we made our way a traditional Spanish restaurant she suggested, about 15 min away on foot from our studio in the old town. The ambiance was great. We ordered a bean stew and fried fish fillet as the host recommended. I was still trying to recover from my food poisoning and still could not eat much, but was still happy to try out Seville’s interpretation of local ingredients.

IMG_3131 (600x800)

IMG_3130 (800x600)

Next day was our only full day in Seville. Fortunately, all the main sights in Seville are at or close to the old town area, so it was easy for us to walk to all the sights.

Here is our route for the day: Cathedral->Metropol Parasol->Plaza Espana->Torre de Oro . On our second day, we went to Seville Alcazar when it was less crowded.

The old town of Seville was very compact with colorful Spanish architecture and cobblestone roads. I love meandering through the narrow alley ways, snapping pictures whenever I felt like it.

IMG_3151 (800x450)IMG_3155 (800x450)

In the center, the cathedral was free to enter but it would cost a few euros to go up to the observation deck.

We also saw a few horse carriages parked outside the cathedral.

IMG_3135 (800x600)

After checking out the cathedral, we went to lunch at a restaurant near Metropol Parasol, a mushroom like structure. Nearby , there was a marathon going on. Fortunately we were there at before 1pm, much earlier than normal Spain lunch time at 2:30pm, so we didn’t have to wait for long for a great outdoor table and food. By this time, I have learned to order something other than water for drink, since they pretty much cost the same. We ordered a chef selection of tapa plates, and a grilled squid with black rice plate. Most of the plates were yummy.

IMG_3146 (800x450)

After lunch, we headed back to the center of the town because I wanted to get into Seville’s Alcazar. There was a long line outside so we decided to come back the next day. Our next stop was the beautiful Plaza Espana. By that time, the weather has gotten very warm, and it was nice to stroll around.

IMG_3180 (800x450)


IMG_3168 (800x450)IMG_3179 (800x450)IMG_3188 (800x450)IMG_3190 (800x450) (2)

There were paddle boats tourists can rent along the mini canal in the plaza. We didn’t take it but instead enjoyed exploring the plaza. We enjoyed some relaxing time there.

Afterwards, I felt like having something cold to drink/eat since it was getting hot. I should probably have gotten Gelato (the Spanish, I heard, are great at making them) but instead find ourselves at a Mcdonald’s on our way to Torre de Oro. The Mcdonald’s we went has a few gigantic touchscreen menu where you can order from. I have never seen something like this before so I excitedly ordered a strawberry smoothie and bottled water to go with it.

IMG_3194 (450x800)We finally made our way to Torre de Oro. I loved the purple flowers surrounding it but didn’t go up to the tower, since the river view of Seville didn’t seem to be very special to me and I feel like I have seen it all from the riverbank.


IMG_3204 (800x450)IMG_3205 (800x450)

We also passed by a bullring before we made it to Triana district.

IMG_3202 (800x450)

Triana district is a touristy area filled with lively restaurants. Our host also recommended food from the area but we were not hungry at that point so we decided to wait until later.

IMG_3212 (800x450)IMG_3213 (800x450)

After some people watching, we made our way back to our studio while looking for a dinner restaurant. By this time it was getting dark and the architectures in the old town took on a mysterious and romantic look with the lights on. We ventured into the old town Sevilla, and soak in the magnificent view of Seville Cathedral in all its glory against the evening glow. The old town felt calmer, but still vibrant in early evening hours.

IMG_3223 (450x800)

IMG_3218 (800x450)

IMG_3224 (800x450)

By this time, we were pretty weary after a day of walking so we sat down at a restaurant we found on yelp. Unfortunately the kitchen was not yet fully open. There was only one waitress/chef so the dishes served were still limited. We were impressed by how she could multitask, serving multiple customers and cooking at once. While we waited, we ordered quail eggs and ham over flat-bread and it was very filling.

By next day it was raining hard and made us realized how lucky we were that we had perfect weather during our only full day in Seville. We grabbed a sturdy umbrella from our studio and headed back to old town for our final sight in town- Seville Alcazar. After Morocco I was worried that Mugmug would be tired of Moorish architecture but fortunately, Seville Alcazar had something different and special to offer. At the very least, there were plenty of English descriptions (whereas in Marrakesh all the descriptions are in French/Arabic) around the Alcazar so for the most part we could put each artifact in historical context.

When we were done we found a restaurant in old town for lunch, before we headed back to our studio to pick up our luggage for our bus to Ronda, a beautiful Spanish hilltop town.


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