Ronda : Beautiful Spanish Hilltop Town

Whatever luck we had with weather in our only full day in Seville, we didn’t get any in Ronda. It was raining heavily just before we reached Ronda, and even though the rain had somewhat subsided by the time we arrived, the gloomy weather meant that with less than a day we wouldn’t be able to see Ronda in its best light. Luckily, our Wimdu apartment was a short 5 min walk from the bus station so even with luggage, we arrived with no hassle. Our host provided us a map and a few restaurant suggestions. We quickly head out for view of the famous Puente Nuevo Bridge and a stroll in the old town before it was dark.

With the magnificent cliffs, perfectly aged old bridge, and cobblestone pavements I imagined a much more magical town had the weather and lighting been perfect. Unfortunately due to our short stay we simply had to make the best of our stays. We made our way to stopped just short of the edge of the cliff to gaze upon the creeks flowing below. It was quite a sight to behold even given the weather condition.

After short stroll in the old town having seen the outside of a bullring and a cathedral, we cross the Puente Nuevo Bridge again to the new part of the city in search for the night’s restaurant. As in Spain’s custom restaurant does not open until past 8pm, so after making our way through a vibrant plaza in evening glow we were back in a our apartment, freshen up with a quick shower.

We headed back to Quintana, a small restaurant our host recommended and had one of the best meals on the trip. This cute family-owned restaurant served dishes (Among the most memorable ones are the fried Calamari and Grilled mushrooms) that were fresh, perfectly seasoned, and reasonably priced. We indulged ourselves with delicious tapas, all washed down with a glass of beer and a 1 liter Sangria, for 20 Euros.

The next day we headed back to the bus station to buy tickets to Malaga. Across the street we found a café where we had our first real Spanish breakfast – churro and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate was decadently rich – Every sip tasted like a piece of chocolate was melt and poured smoothly onto your taste buds.

After breakfast we headed back to town for pictures of the old bridge in brighter (albeit gloomy) daylight.

IMG_3270 (800x450)

At that time I had come to accept that my lens would not be able to capture the our experience in Ronda –most of the delights we had in this little town comes from discovering new flavors of Spanish food.

IMG_3277 (800x450) (2)

We took another stroll in the old town and bought two cheap sandwiches in a local deli so that we could have something to snack on the bus to Malaga. Once it was time for the sky to pour again we decided that we would just sit back at our apartment to wait for our bus.

The sun would not come out again until later afternoon that day.


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