Climbing up the Alcazaba in Malaga

I like beaches and since Spain is renowned for its picturesque Costa del Sol, I readily include Malaga on my trip.

The rain cloud followed us from Ronda to Malaga. But when I checked weather forecast I was happy to find out that the sun will come out again in late afternoon. From the central bus station, we took a connecting bus to our hotel IBIS centro Malaga. It was only a short walk across a bridge. The room was clean and bigger than I expected. I laid down on the comfy bed for a short rest while waiting for the sun to come out. From the window I could see the top of a church in the old town.

IMG_3285 (800x450)

My plan for our short stay in Malaga is to see the cathedral, climb the Alcazaba and Gibalfaro, then see the sunset from the beach.

Climbing Alcazaba was a breeze. There was a lot to see to keep us occupied. We came across a few courtyards/small gardens, and Moorish architectures. As we climbed up we also got a nice view of Malaga old town.

IMG_3289 (800x450)IMG_3294 (800x450)

Gibalfaro, however, requires some physical strength, but the view from the was well worth it. It was short but somewhat strenuous hike (for me anyways); I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. Before we reach Gibalfaro, there was a vista point where we can see the bull ring from bird’s eyeview.

IMG_3319 (800x450)IMG_3320 (800x450) (2)

Once we reached Gibalfaro we enjoyed exploring and walking along the city walls.


IMG_3328 (800x450) (2)

Every side we turn we could see magnificent views of the old town, the malaga city, and the ocean with multiple shades of blue.

IMG_3323 (800x450)IMG_3324 (800x450)IMG_3325 (800x450)IMG_3326 (800x450)IMG_3327 (800x450)

By then the dark cloud is completely gone and the entire city was bathed in beautiful pre-sunset glow. When we were done exploring, we caught a bus downhill to see the beach at sunset.

Malaga’s beach, on the other hand, is nothing to write home about – which didn’t matter at this point since it was so much fun exploring the Alcazaba.

IMG_3336 (800x450)IMG_3338 (800x450) (2) - Copy

We found a mini zipline at the beach and played a little with it. At this time we were tired so we slowly made our way back to the hotel. As it gets dark we strolled pass the old town and get to see it in all its evening glory.

IMG_3340 (800x450) (2) (800x450)IMG_3342 (800x450) (2)

It was only 7pm so the dinner places are not opened yet. We found a local takeout place selling chicken and octopus salad, a break from our tapa meals.

IMG_3341 (800x450).jpg

The next day, we ordered churro and chocolat from a breakfast bar nearby, before we took the bus to Nerja. All in all, while Malaga was not a must-see if I had a shorter stay in Spain, we had a fun time there.



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