Short Stop at Nerja

Since Malaga did not quite match what I had pictured for Costa del Sol, we had to make a stop at Nerja on the way to Granada. The weather was sunny and warm; the only problem was that there was no luggage storage at the bus station. Luckily, there was a hostel right next to the station so we paid 2 Euros apiece to store our suitcases, and we could meander around this little coastal town hand-free.

IMG_3345 (800x450)IMG_3346 (800x450) (2)

In terms of sightseeing spots, most of Nerja is built for relaxing and wandering around. Near balcony of Europe there were a few creameries selling delicious Gelatos. We shared a generous scoop of Gelato after having a crepe at a nearby restaurant. The atmosphere here is much more relaxing than Malaga and I really wish that I had more time to explore the nearby caves and spend a night there.

IMG_3348 (800x450)IMG_3351 (800x450)IMG_3353 (800x450) (2)IMG_3354 (800x450)IMG_3359 (800x450)IMG_3370 (800x450)IMG_3372 (800x450)

When we went back to the bus station to buy ticket to Malaga we were told that our bus would leave in 5 minutes! Mug Mug quickly ran up to the hostel to grab our luggage while the attendant handed me the changes and tickets. When the bus driver saw us, he helped us with our luggage and within a couple minutes we were on our way to Granada. On our way to Granada we passed by a couple interesting coastal towns, but we will have to wait until next time to explore them. IMG_3376 (800x450)

Within two hours we would arrive in Granada, my favorite town in our two week trip.


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