My Tale


There are a thousand tales behind every place. This blog is the tales of my travel. And this is the story of where it all begins for me.

I grew up in Hong Kong in a big family of four kids. As you can imagine, it was hard for my parents to took us anywhere other than the local parks and malls. Like many kids, I had very fond memories of playing the same slides a hundred times (and perfectly content, “how could anyone get tired of this?”).

When I was in high school, we moved to San Francisco. As a family we started to take road trips to the see the amazing landscapes California has to offer. Immediately I was fascinated with exploring new places. When I went to Hong Kong to see families and friends,  I would add a couple other neighboring countries to my visit. My footprints were no longer limited to the five mile radius around my neighborhood.

In 2010, I got the chance to live in Manchester, UK for three months through a study abroad program at my school. I traveled within UK and Europe every chance I got. It was there that I fell in love with the continent. The variety of natural landscape and magnificent architecture blew me away. Each place I went was a feast to my eyes. I was no longer the kid who would be content to stay in the same neighborhood, playing the same slide day after day. I got the thrill of travel and could never stay put again.

In May 2014, I returned to Europe three-week whirlwind trip with my boyfriend, spanning London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Milan, Greece, and Switzerland. It sounds crazy, I know. But the world is so big and there is so much I want to see.  A month after my trip, I still feel overwhelmed by all the details of our adventures, all the sublime places we have seen. The magical lights in Paris, the idyllic countryside of Netherlands, the serene setting of Lake Como… I am afraid that if I don’t start a journal, all these fond memories will start to fade away.

So I wrote about my whirlwind Europe trip.

And other trips after that.

There you have it; this was how my blog, Tales of a Thousand Places started.

To me, blogging is like throwing a message bottle to the sea. I don’t know who will pick it up, and It is always an exhilarating feeling to see my stat chart showing someone from a country I haven’t been to reading my blog. I don’t expect to find a bottle with response, but when I do, it will be magical.

For now, this blog is mostly for my own note-keeping.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you will come back for my future posts. Very often I found myself heading to another trip before finishing the trip report for the previous vacation, but will try to upload a post at least every week.




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